There are Four ways to contact customer service.

If you would like us to assist you with an asset-related issue, please get in touch with us through Mixin.

If you need to establish a partnership with us, please get in touch with us via E-mail: [email protected].

If you are a developer or an integrator: we provide a developer group based on Mixin Messenger.

Via Mixin Messenger(Recommend)

  1. Download and sign up Mixin Messenger.

  2. Search ID: 7000104220

    Switch to the chat window and send a message. We'll reply as soon as possible.

If you are a developer, please join our developer group:

Open this link MixPay Developers , and use the Mixin QRcode scanner (on the bottom center) to scan the QRcode.

Via E-mail

You can send an E-mail to: [email protected] for any question while using MixPay.

or send an E-mail to: [email protected] for Business Cooperation.

Via MixPay Website

Open MixPay Website, get in touch with us via the button in the lower right corner

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